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External light sensor for the detector "UNIVERSAL SENSOR FOR DSLR".

In some cases it may be neccessaire to have an external light sensor.
The light sensor can be used to detect changes in light,
to detect the cleavage of a laser beam or an infrared beam.
Its size is very small, it may be placed in a small box.
It will connect with 3 wires via a jack to the input "AUX" of the universal detector for DSLR.
The length of the wires will be 1 meter.

This module consists of four components: two resistors, a photodiode BPW24 and
a 3.5mm stereo jack.
The BPW24 photodiode is sensitive to visible light but also infrared light.
This photodiode has a detection time of 7 ns (7 nano seconds, 7 billionths of a second !!!).
It is therefore a very useful sensor for high speed photography or Open Flash.
This is exactly the same module as that is integrated into the universal detector for the photo.

On the Photo01, this is the block diagram.
On the photo02, the drawing board layout on a printed circuit pre-drilled (PCB).

Beware, there is a keyed represented by the red arrow to put the
photodiode in the right direction. For resistors, there is no direction, you just put the resistor 100kOhm to +,
and the resistor 1MOhm (Mega ohms) to ground or GND.
To recognize the resistance:
- The resistor of a 100kOhm,have colors: colors Brown, Black and Yellow
- The resistor of a 1MOhm, have rings colors: Brown, Black and Green

The leg (or pin) of the photodiode which have keyed, is connected to hte stereo jack.
The stereo jack consists of three parts, the end corresponding to the +5 volts from the detector,
the middle corresponding to the entry "AUX" of the detector, and
the longest stretch corresponding to the ground or GND.

On the photo03, the module for side components.
On the photo04, the module for solder side.

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