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Lighting Studio Photo.

Lighting Studio Photo is a software to create lighting diagrams (or lighting schemes)
and allows maintain your drawings and your diagrams of studio lighting with all settings
for all elements. You can reload it, print it, save in JPG, ...
This program runs under Windows XP, Vista and Seven.
Different photographic lighting elements are already built into the program
like flash, lights, reflectors, umbrellas, barndoor,
color filters, softbox and many other useful items.

Using the program is very simple,
A bar menu offers various items that can be incorporated into the scheme.
A simple click on an item, and this one is added at the top left of the window.
On Photo01, you can see a scene of studio created for the demonstration.
There are 3 ways to change an element: move, size and rotation.
By default, the item is in move mode.
For each item, you can save different settings, such as name, description,
setting, distance, height, and a comment.
A simple overview of the element with the mouse, can see this information (photo02).

To edit an item, simply right click on the object.
A menu appears as on photo03. You can choose between:
- The move mode (Move)
- The size mode, including reduction and enlargement (Resize)
- The rotation of the element (Rotate)
- Place the item in the foreground of all other elements (Bring to Front)
- Place the item in the background of all other elements (Bring to back)
- Delete item permanently (Delete)
- Add or update information element (information).

When you click on the "Information" menu of an element (photo04)
we can define several parameters such as name, description, setting, distance,
height and a comment. Click "OK" to confirm the information and return
to the main window.

When you click on the menu "Resize" of an element, the mouse cursor changes.
Press the left mouse button and move the mouse up and left
to reduce the object or down and right to enlarge (photo05).

When you click on the menu "Rotate" of an element, the mouse cursor changes.
Press the left mouse button and move the mouse to the left to turn
the object in the counterclockwise and to the right for the clockwise (photo06).

You can also choose not to use the grid. Click on "Options" and "Grid"
to disable or enable the grid (photo07).

This program allows you to save your lighting schemes, open lighting schemes,
to print with preview, and also save them in JPG format.

To download this program, go to the "Download" section of this website.
The program may change, do not communicated the direct download link of the ZIP file
but prefer this page as link: Studio Photo/studio lighting.htm

Thus other users can see and enjoy this little tutorial to use.

For install the program, just extract the ZIP file and put the program file in a folder or on your desktop.

Good use.

For each questions, there is a section in the forum.

The latest version of "Studio Lighting" includes two new objects:
The horizontal Saberstrip and vertical Saberstrip.
The Saberstrip are a recent diffusers, they are in the same family of the softbox, and they will be,
in the future, to be increasingly used by professionals.

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