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sharpen an image with photoshop

To eliminate the blur on a photo, we will use the method of enhanced with photoshop.

NB: If you have problems viewing images in this tutorial:
Right click on the white square with a red and click on the "image display".

In the Layers window in Photoshop (bottom right), right click the mouse on the background layer and in the menu click on Duplicate Layer.
01.JPG (68.17 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

In the window click "OK"
02.JPG (17.12 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

Click Filter / Other / High Pass
03.JPG (29.35 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

Select a radius value revealing that trait.
04.JPG (70.27 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

In the list of blending modes, select Hard light
05.JPG (53.96 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

Acting on the layer's opacity to assay the enhanced.
06.JPG (9.51 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

Click Layer / Flatten Image
07.JPG (130.91 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

Below is the result of the enhanced image.
08.jpg (84.04 Kio) Consulté 2815 fois

This method corrects a slight blur, a default of the focus.
To see another example of a picture that has been enhanced to eliminate blur, watch the tutorial "straighten a crooked image with photoshop"
Have fun. :dance:
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