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Starburst effects on jewelry or shiny object with Photoshop

Here's a little tutorial to create a starburst effects on jewelry or shiny object.

NB: If you have problems viewing images in this tutorial:
Right click on the white square with a red cross and click on display image.

Open the photo of the object in Photoshop, then click Layer / New Layer.

01.JPG (17.95 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

Check that there is no background color, you need a transparent background.

02.JPG (14.98 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

Choose a color proximate to white for the burst of star.
If you make a picture of a ruby, you should choose a color slightly red.
For a picture of an emerald, choose a very slightly green color.
For this example, the color will be beige.

03.JPG (82.7 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

Select the brush tool.

04.JPG (2.07 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

Change the shape of the brush by clicking on "Brush" (1).
In the window shapes, click on the small arrow in the upper right (2) to display the menu and select "Assorted brushes" (3).
Select the Star brush (4) and change the value of flow (5) of 65% for example.
Choosing the diameter (6) of the star that will create the brilliance.

05.JPG (88.13 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

You can change the scale, or rotate the star, by clicking on the move tool, clicking on an edge of the selection, then right click with the mouse to select "rotate" from the menu.

06.JPG (8.86 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

Below, the result very realistic bursts of light.

07.JPG (70.59 Kio) Consulté 4083 fois

You now know how create a starburst effects on jewelry or shiny object.
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