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Remove an object or a person with photoshop

Here is a tutorial, very helpful, to delete an object, person or group of persons, a mole on a face.
This is a basic technique used to remove and erase defects in photo editing.

NB: If you have problems viewing images in this tutorial:
Right click on the white square with a red and click on the "image display".

To illustrate this tutorial, I selected a picture of a castle. At the foot of the towers of the castle, there is a group of people to delete the photo.
To start, zoom to the area to be improved for greater clarity and visibility.
Click on the clone stamp tool, as in the photo below.

01.JPG (61.78 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

To use the stamp tool, press the ALT key on your keyboard still pressing the ALT key, a cross-shaped target appears. Click the right mouse button remaining pressed and move your mouse to enlarge or reduce the selection circle. Following areas to edit, it will enlarge or reduce the selection area.

02.JPG (42.61 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

Press the ALT key on your keyboard still pressing the ALT key. Click with your left mouse button to copy the image part selected (in our case left the woman with her child).
Release the ALT key, move your mouse over the woman with her child, we see that the selected portion covers the body of the woman.

03.JPG (49.1 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

Click with your left mouse button to apply the stamp, it will take several shots of stamp to remove the woman.

04.JPG (42.67 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

To observe the nuances of color and pattern of the image, it will copy other areas of the image (with the key combination ALT and left click with the mouse). After several applications of the stamp tool, One group was deleted.

05.JPG (43.66 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

To remove the body of the person in front of the grass, it will adjust the size of selection on the grassy area (combination of ALT key + right click the mouse to move the mouse). Press the ALT key + left click by placing the mouse on the grass to copy the grass. Move the mouse over the body of the person and make several clicks left (without the ALT key) to apply the stamp and make disappear the body of the person.
Finally, here is the picture of the castle without the group.

chateau.jpg (141.21 Kio) Consulté 4102 fois

Now you know how to use the clone stamp tool.
With a little practice, you can retouch your photos like a true professional
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