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Convert a photo into black and white with photoshop

In this tutorial I'll show you how to convert a photo into black and white with Photoshop.

NB: If you have problems viewing images in this tutorial:
Right click on the white square with a red and click on the "image display".

There are several methods for converting a photo into black and white.
One method that is both simple, and at the same time provides great flexibility, is the method of mixing layers.
With this method, you can dose each color (Blue, Red and Green) in your image black and white to bring out a detail that was originally in color.

Open a photo in Photoshop, for our example we will take the photo below:

01.JPG (212.58 Kio) Consulté 2870 fois

Click the "Adjustment Layer" (the circle with half black and half white), then in the menu select "Channel Mixer" as below:

02.JPG (70.91 Kio) Consulté 2870 fois

A new layer is added automatically, the Mixer window appears.
In this window, select "Monochrome".

03.JPG (63.82 Kio) Consulté 2870 fois

The image is now in black and white.
With sliders basic colors Blue, Red and Green, you can choose dominaces color in your black and white photo.
WARNING! Always the sum of the 3 basic colors make 100% to stay faithful to a normal black and white.
However, to give effect, you can choose the values you want.
You can also change the contrast to enhance the blacks for example.
For this photo, the settings are: Red 100% Green 1%, Blue 1% -7% constant.

04.JPG (52 Kio) Consulté 2870 fois

Here is the final result, a black and white converts from a color photo with Photoshop.

05.jpg (182.26 Kio) Consulté 2870 fois

Enjoy ! :dance:
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